Mission Statement

Dedicated to conducting innovative trials that inform policy changes and improve patient care, our mission is to revolutionize surgical education, enhance outcomes, and elevate the care of surgical patients.

Vision Statement

Imagining a future where surgical departments simultaneously demonstrate excellence, inclusivity, and cutting-edge advancements, our focus is on bringing high-quality data and evidence to unique issues through rigorous science. We take an outcomes and health services research approach to medical education research. Embracing innovation, we explore novel methodologies and technologies to advance surgical training and challenges in the field.



Upholding the highest standards in surgical education, research, and outcomes

Striving for continuous improvement and pushing boundaries to achieve optimal results


Embracing innovative approaches: exploring new methodologies and technologies in surgical training

Fostering a culture of creativity and open-mindedness to address challenges in the field

Using rigorous health services research methods to address issues in medical education


Believing in the power of collaboration: bringing diverse expertise and voices together to tackle complex issues in surgical education

Valuing teamwork: recognizing that collective efforts lead to impactful advancements in our mission